Activities @ Progressive

C-curricular Activities

Students are given expert coaching in sports and games as part of co-curricular activities. All co-curricular activities for physical and mental development of students are arranged under able supervision of teachers.

School Trips

It is beief of the school that education does not just take place only in class rooms. Educational visits and outing have valuable roles to play in helping children to relate what they have learned in the class room to the world outside. Such visits and excursions are arranged through out the year.

School Magazine

The school publishes a magazine which showcases the talents of students and glimpses of life in the campus during the academic year.

Open House

An open house is held after each term examination. It gives parents opportunity to see the progress report of their ward and discuss about the academic performance off their ward with the teachers concerned.

Parent Meetings

Parent meetings offer parents and teachers the opportunity to discuss individual students issues in particular and strategies for academic improvements in general.

Educational Assistance

The trust provides free education to orphans and financial assistance to the socially and financially disadvantages.